Wat da fuck did you just fuckin say about me, you wittwe bitch? I’ww have you know I gwaduated top of my cwass in da Navy Seaws, and I’ve been invowved in numewous secwet waids on Aw-Quaeda, and I have ovew 300 confiwmed kiwws. I am twained in gowiwwa wawfawe and I’m da top snipew in da entiwe US awmed fowces. You awe nothin to me but just anothew tawget. I wiww wipe you da fuck out with pwecision da wikes of wich has nevew been seen befowe on dis Eawth, mawk my fuckin wowds. You think you can get away with sayin dat shit to me ovew da Intewnet? Think again, fuckew. As we speak I am contactin my secwet netwowk of spies acwoss da USA and youw IP is bein twaced wight now so you bettew pwepawe fow dastowm, maggot. da stowm dat wipes out da pathetic wittwe thin you caww youw wife. You’we fuckin dead, kid. I can be anywhewe, anytime, and I can kiww you in ovew seven hundwed ways, and dat’s just with my bawe hands. Not onwy am I extensivewy twained in unawmed combat, but I have access to da entiwe awsenaw of da United States Mawine Cowps and I wiww use it to its fuww extent to wipe youw misewabwe ass off da face of da continent, you wittwe shit. If onwy you couwd have known wat unhowy wetwibution youw wittwe “cwevew” comment was about to bwin down upon you, maybe you wouwd have hewd youw fuckin tongue. But you couwdn’t, you didn’t, and now you’we payin dapwice, you goddamn idiot. I wiww shit fuwy aww ovew you and you wiww dwown in it. You’we fuckin dead, kiddo.