How the fuck do I insert a quote

"All I know is that I known nothing." -Bruno NoLastName, Episode 83

Does Bruno Is Gay

hey you took away my cool explanation about the eyeshines. fuck you. also yes

hey listen yall i love bruno but uh this bike is real bad // yeah can't really argue with that. and then shark stole it and repurposed it // I can argue with it. its a great bike. i love him and everything about him. including his weird bike. -mimi

hi everyone welcome to my TED talk about why everything bruno did was very gay and why he and yusei loved each other very much

his real name is Bruwunowo and you guys know it

but now, we can definitively say, that pee, is stored, in the balls. thank you for listening to my TED talk

Objectively, his most well-known scene occurs in Episode 144.5, where he reveals that he was high while building his D-Wheel. Shockingly, Yusei tells Bruno that he isn't surprised - the thing has one bigass wheel in the back and a tiny wheel in the front, and its nose is longer than the filler arcs in Duel Monsters.