Carly deserves way better than Jack, but if he makes her happy, I guess. Her union with Jack Atlas is unfortunate since she clearly had sexual and romantic tension with that blonde lesbian reporter.

The song "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga was written in her honour. Snap snap to that shit in the radio indeed.

Also, she was fucking robbed. She had a cool deck through the Fortune Fairies with that cool fuck shit with the uh banning and teleportation through the time skips and I can't remember the fucking word I'm thinking of. Though her fortune telling was shitty, she still deserved to have some recognition as one of the many psychic duelists not just in 5Ds but the whole of Yu-Gi-Oh! canon. Fucking fight me on that, scrublords.

Yu gi oh yusei fudo render by nyaediter-d4g8h6u