Crow Hogan is the single father to many children in both 5Ds and Arc V where he appeas as a legacy character. In 5Ds, he is father two: Yusei, Jack, Leo, Luna, and any other unfortunate orphan he comes across. In Arc V he is father to Frank, Amanda, Tanner, Yuya, and Reira though, In Arc V canon he is fortunate enough to share these parental responsibilities with his husband, known communist, Shinji Weber. Following the events of Arc V, the Kurosaki siblings stole his Blackwing cards. However, he still has visitation rights on alternating weekends.

Also, there is a common misconception which says that for a brief amount of time, Crow became a cop. That is wrong. And unfactual. Instead for that short time, he helped Martha at the orphanage since he's such a Team Mum.

he's trans

in 5Ds, he was a verse leaning on sub, but transitioned to a verse leaning dom, after marrying his husband, Shinji Weber