Get With The Program (Japanese: 私のマンコを食べて下さい) is the 420th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It first aired in Japan on April 20th, 2069.

i crave death


Yusei, a brilliant computer hacker seeking a better life, always seems to make the wrong choices, even under the watchful eye of his probation officer, Ushio. Now, barred from using the Internet and stuck working fast food with his best friend and fellow hacker, Bruno, Yusei poses as a Postal Worker, stealing people's mail to make ends meet. Until one letter changes everything. Written by the beautiful Aki to her dead husband, a Marine killed in Afghanistan, the heart-wrenching missive wakes something in Yusei. Desperate to become worthy of such love, he begins following Aki and stealing more letters, until finally finding the courage to introduce himself. As Yusei and Aki grow closer, she warms to the possibility of a new life as he's reminded of the values left behind in childhood. But fate shows its hand when Yusei's past catches up with him in the form of an aggressive FBI agent and missing Bitcoins. When Aki discovers the truth, she must decide if the betrayal will force her back into her shell or give her the strength to follow her once-forgotten dreams, while Yusei must choose whether to, yet again, be victimized by the mistakes of his past or finally stand up and become the man he's always intended to be.