Jack Atlas

This isn't an image of Jack Atlas from the episode I just took it off of google.

"Wedding Showdown", titled なぜあなたはこれを翻訳しているのですか ("Wedding of Two Duelists") in Japanese, is episode 6669 of Yu-gi-oh 5ds. Trust me, I've totally watched Yu-gi-oh before. The plot centers around the wedding plans of Jack Atlas and Yusei Fudo as they prepare to get married to be allowed into a married couples-only duel set by antagonists Sol and Lune Lovebird.


The episode opens in a bridal boutique where Jack and Yusei are arguing about the style of the bridesmonsters' dresses. The monsters do not get any say. They compromise and each pick a fashion for the monsters of their own deck.

The scene cuts away to a nearby bakery where a baker is making little fondant models of their extravagant hair and outfits for the wedding cake. Jack and Yusei can be heard bickering as the baker works.

The scene returns to the boutique, where Jack and Yusei step out of the changing room, revealing they are wearing the exact same wedding dress. They have a brief tiff about who gets to wear it before deciding the matching dresses are very romantic and holding hands.

The episode cuts ahead to the wedding. Presided over and attended by many monsters from both Jack and Yusei's decks as well as their friends. The ceremony proceeds smoothly, until the presiding Kuriboh declares, "You may now duel the bride!" The two pull out their decks and prepare to duel, and the episode leaves on a cliffhanger.


  • One audio glitch changes the wedding march to "Miss New Booty" by Bubba Sparxxx in some episodes. The produces have confirmed this was an error, though the song was not supposed to be a traditional wedding march. The song was meant to be "Juicy Wiggle" by Redfoo.