Shinji Hogan is Crow's canonical boyfriend in the Arc V universe, father to Amanda, Frank, and Tanner. He is not mentioned in 5Ds because he was busy watching the kids back home, and Crow is very tired saving the world to remember his bf. Shame on Crow.

Shinji is a communist, a bee enthusiast, and kind of a brat. But we still love him regardless

He uses the deck Bee Force, which has the same initials as Blackfeathers (BF). In the dub, it is changed to Battlewasp to compliment dub Crow's Black Wings (BW)

Bees aren't wasps. That was a weird change

shinji was right and konami is too liberal to admit it

he is trans

Instruments Played:

  • Guitar
  • Crow's Heart
  • Pussy
  • Cuica