"Gay Rights!," - Yusei Fudo
shut the hell up. literally. LITERALLY you understand nothing. 5ds is the peak of representation, along with philosophy as well. the only people who dare think 5ds is terrible are people who don’t. see, 5ds is a fine wine. it gets better with age. that is why younglings like yourself could never understand it. think to how yusei hides his insecurities. its all part of something greater, something we adults understand much more than your silly little liberal minds could ever hope to understand.

also excuse me but antis literally threaten creativity lmao. theyre all just a bunch of tweens who have no life and live with their parents with no jobs. they wouldnt survive a day in the work force, which i do on a daily basis. they would cry knowing i could snap their bones with my kingcrab powered muscles. you can say that fiction affects reality, but it clearly doesn’t, because why else would my boss be ok with me watching 5ds at work?

and excuse me, but fictional ships have done so much for gay rights! would you know about the phrase LGBT if it werent for the tasty goodness of yaoi? didnt think so, kek. would people truly support gay rights without ships? not at all. youre an utter fool who cannot hope to comprehend the power of ships.

go outside you cuck nugget, but you wont, because youre too scared of us. we are everywhere, because 5ds makes the world go round!